Moshi Moshi, Japan!

Moshi moshi, Japan! We meet again!

Last October 2015, I had a wonderful 8-day vacation in Japan spanning Kyoto-Osaka-Tokyo. It was supposed to be a trip to Korea planned over a year ago when events took a 180-turn because of Reg’s family events. Our trip to Korea got dropped as we prioritized Japan instead. It was my third time to go to Japan but my first time to create and execute my own itinerary co-planned with Reg. It was a fulfilling trip as the planning process was challenging but worth it. I was most grateful about the invite extended to me to attend the wedding of Reg’s brother as it was just for very intimate friends and family.

Travel Tips


PH-Japan Map

Since the wedding was going to be in Tokyo, Reg and I decided to extend the trip to Kyoto and Osaka. Given the schedule constraint, we ended up doing the Kyoto and Osaka leg of the trip first before heading to Tokyo.

It took me about 3 hours and 45 minutes to travel by plane from Manila, Philippines to Osaka (KIX – Kansai Kuko International Airport), Japan. Since majority of our itinerary was in Kyoto, we decided to book a hostel near Kyoto Station. This meant another 75-minute train ride from Osaka to Kyoto.

Kyoto-Osaka Map

4-Day Kyoto-Osaka Itinerary

Reg and I spent four days in Kyoto-Osaka before heading to Tokyo to meet his family, attend the wedding and roam around Tokyo. Tokyo leg was another 3 days to Reg while it was another 4 days to me as Reg had to leave one day earlier. Lesson learned, it is sort of lonely having to say goodbye to Reg one day earlier. On a more positive side, I was able to squeeze in all my artsy itinerary on my solo day.

4-Day Tokyo Itinerary

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