Spot on, Spotify!

Last New Year’s Eve, I grabbed the opportunity to avail of Spotify’s 9-peso deal for the next 3 months where terms show that it switches to normal pricing after 3 months. Here are a couple of things I learned and love about Spotify:

  • Running playlists allow you to fix the choice of songs to a particular tempo. Average users set the tempo to 160 steps per minute but I enjoy taking it to 190-200 steps per minute. You’ll be amazed at the songs that will appear in the list.
  • Running playlists allow music to flow. Spotify cuts off the beginning and end of songs as it transitions to the next song on queue. I guess this needs to be done if certain setting was made for a particular tempo.
  • I finally found amazing Piano Ballads which make me feel like I’m in a gallery, art exhibit or ballet show waiting for the next Act to start while sipping champagne.
  • I love how different device can connect to Spotify.
  • I love how you can use Spotify offline where you can download the songs directly to your device. Seems like the songs downloaded via Spotify are smaller in size.
  • Though some Artists have not chosen to let their songs play on Spotify, the current selection seems to be enough for me.

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  1. I love Spotify! I listen to it quite often. Happy new year! Koko:)



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