Weekend Slowdown

After months of intense activities, I finally found time to step back, finish a book, disconnect from social media, jog and relax in the house. It was a much-needed rest that I was grateful for. I was so busy over the holidays trying to cram all the time to meet up with friends who were flying back out. I was also busy making the most of my boy friend’s time before he flew out as well. Recently, I’ve been consumed planning my birthday month while juggling work that was bordering toxic.

I needed a breather so I made a choice to relax! Nowadays, these restful days are a privilege especially for someone like me who is very intense, constantly planning things. I often wish someone would plan my adventures for me as it can get pretty tiring.

This weekend if for myself.

Missing you always. One more week.


Arashiyama, Japan

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About Mariel Tan

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