Beautiful January Breeze

It felt great running tonight with the January breeze blowing to my face. I have been waiting for the cold season to come and finally, it is here! I started feeling this breeze about two weeks ago and today was the coldest so far. This is just one of the reasons why I enjoy taking a quick run outdoors. There is something mystical about being in touch with nature except when twigs or fruits fall almost near you.

I have finally crossed over to the fitness level whereby exercise actually makes me feel great, coupled with sleep and good habits. I managed to exercise 4 times last week versus a target of 2. Today, I managed to run 3 rounds for 40 minutes versus my usual 2 rounds for 25 minutes. I feel faster and stronger. I feel great and energized. I have gotten past the point when my calf muscles would tempt me to stop.

In the past, jogging after work would feel like such a burden. I would be so lethargic after that I could not continue working after anymore. This time, it feels different. I started this habit last December and it seems to be paying off. I feel great inside and out! I am not sure if I can now fit in to my old pants but I am glad I feel better!

What worked?

  • I set specific goals for weekdays and weekends so I would end up exercising at least 2 times a week.
  • I encouraged people to support me instead of let me down. I noticed how people would always just tempt me to eat whenever I share my plans to exercise. I tell them how difficult it is to have initiative and the last thing I need is temptation. Thankfully, people have been supportive as I told them my goals.
  • There is no room for excuses. If it’s not yet 8PM, there is still time to exercise or even spin for at least 30 minutes.

I hope that I can continue this habit.

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