Japan Travel Tips – Lodging & Other Facts

Here is my last entry on Japan Travel Tips focused on lodging and other facts before I share the details of my trip. I hope it comes useful to you!


Lodging & Shopping

  • I suggest picking a place near a main train station (e.g. Shinjuku) or main train track (e.g. Yamanote Line) that will enable you to connect to other sub-stations. This will save you money and time from transferring stations as travel is not cheap in Japan. Some sub-tracks may seem near to main tracks but actually require passengers to walk far or deep underground. I found traversing through stairs to be difficult on long days with many baggage.
  • Shopping is not cheap in Japan except in certain areas like Gotemba Outlet where you can find relatively cheaper branded items.
  • Convenient stores line almost every corner of Japan where unique items can be found hidden in shelves. Check these out as you might find something cool to try.
  • There are numerous craft stores in Japan where my friends have gone crazy buying items. I was able to visit Tokyu Hands but I was too tired to search every nook and cranny of the place.

Other Facts & Tips

  • If I had time, I would have tried checking out a cat cafe as I heard there were a couple of popular ones in Tokyo. Since I was alone on my last day, I got too scared to be surrounded by cats. Maybe I will try next time when Reg is with me.
  • Samurai sessions are available for tourists.
  • Castles and some popular tourist spots are closed on Mondays. Schedule your itinerary considering this fact!
  • Watch out for tourist spots that prohibit the use of photography and tripods.
  • Money changers may be difficult to find if you are not in a hotel so better change your money in the airport or train station. Since I didn’t know this fact when we got to Kyoto, I had to change money in a bank which required me to wait until the bank opened.
  • Since I have been to Japan in the past, getting a visa was no issue. Fortunately, the embassy issued me a multiple-entry visa for the next four years.

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  1. Great post. I’d like to link to it in a post (series) I’m putting together from my recent trip to Tokyo if that’s ok with you.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your tips, I really hope to go to Kyoto one day. 🙂


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