What makes a good life?

Almost every week, I see articles discussing how to be happy but there was one article that struck me the most. It was a TEDx article led by Robert Waldinger based on The Harvard Study of Adult Development made in a span of 75 years.

Quoting the key message: Good relationships keep us healthier and happier.

  1. Social connections are good and that loneliness kills.
  2. It is not about the quantity but the quality of close relationships that matter.
  3. Good relationships protect our body and brains. The feeling that one can securely depend on another person sharpens the memory overtime.

Good relationships are not earned overnight. It takes commitment, sacrifice and time to build good ones and maybe this is the major difference between happy and unhappy people. Experiences through time will challenge almost every bit of our being as we go through life with fellow humans who err. It is a never ending journey that brings about ups and downs in life and we must embrace this so we can truly acknowledge the beauty that good relationships bring – happiness. Nothing great comes easy; else, it won’t be worth it.


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