Cascading Priorities

God, Self, Career, Love, Family, Friends

The past two months have been pretty chaotic. I spent every weekend in February celebrating my birthday month, trying to explore and discover new things. I then spent March maximizing the time that Reg was here before I bid him farewell once again. I also closed a ton of work in March. Now that Reg has gone to his next location and things at work have more or less stabilized, I had time to think about myself, run errands and recalibrate my moral compass.

These exact events in my life validate that I cannot have it all at any point in my life. There is a limit, called time, where there will be trade-offs along the way. This particular concept of “having it all” has been lingering in my mind for a while now. I stumbled upon the idea as I was reading Lean In again. Over the past two months, I realized that I can only prioritize only 1-2 key things at certain points in my life.

Just a few days ago, I had to submit some personal details for work where I had to identify my key priorities and leadership philosophy. At first I shrugged off the work thinking it was easy as I usually find sharing my reflections a breeze. However, when I thought about the task much deeper, I realized that I had not figured it out. I had not identified the key priorities that I follow which caused uncertainty in my direction and decisions.

After much thought, I decided that these are my cascading priorities in this sequence: God > Self > Career > Love > Family > Friends. My decision to put it in this sequence is currently influenced by my needs and circumstances. I am sure it will change as new milestones come to play.

I will not dwell in to discussing the details of my priorities but I am glad that I have time for myself once again to reflect and blog. This is much needed time for myself to be grateful for blessings with inspiration to keep going.

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  1. It is so important to introspect on these matters every now and then. In fact, you have reminded me that I need to do this for myself right now! So thank you 🙂

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