Fan Girl in Universal Studios Japan

Kyoto-Osaka Series Day 2 (October 21, 2015)

I don’t normally go to the same places when I travel abroad unless there is something new and spectacular to see in that place. It just so happened that the Harry Potter land of Universal Studios was up and running and the fan girl in me just had to go again. Mind you, express tickets needed to be purchased to ensure high satisfaction. At peak times, express tickets may come in handy when time and energy are constraints.


Purchasing Express Tickets

Before I get in to the Harry Potter mode, let me tell you some tips and discoveries from the Universal Studios experience. First of all, express tickets run out fast. I recall having trouble finding tickets prior to the trip. With much determination, Reg and I decided to follow some clever folks through their website. Thank God for these passionate people, exact details on the step-by-step process to get you through the website were available. I was very fortunate as well that Reg had patience to do this! We purchased the tickets that enabled us to experience 1 Harry Potter ride. We were willing to queue for the rest based on blogger reviews.

Upon checking the available tickets and rides online just now, it looks like the packages have been revamped and some new rides are up and running. I am sure more people will have a blast this summer! I just hope they survive the heat and the long queue coming their way.

Hollywood Dream and Other USJ Rides

Though the Harry Potter land was the most memorable to me, Hollywood Dream did not disappoint. Reg and I zoomed in and cut across the long queue through our express ticket. I did not even have time to internalize what was about to come. Frazzled, Reg and I fortunately rode the Hollywood Dream and NOT the Backdrop as I was not prepared for a backward disaster. It was memorable because the drops were pretty steep where my screams ended even before the drop did. Can you just imagine how long the drops were? The ride ended in just a few minutes that felt much longer to a person not used to thrill rides. I just know I survived!


Unfortunately, Waterworld was closed so Reg could not experience the wonderful production, though it might be better if he sees it in Singapore instead where the artists speak in English. Some new attractions were open which proved to be just as fun. I enjoyed the The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman which tops all the 4K3D attractions in USJ. Back to the Future was a classic, giving the children a good thrill in the static ride.

Reg and I weren’t able to complete all rides due to time constraint but we enjoyed Jaws and Terminator if it weren’t for the language and long queue.


Halloween On Point

Reg and I went to USJ two days before Halloween where we did not get the memo to dress up. Almost all the locals were dressed up, ready for the party that evening. There were cute events in many spots and zombies chasing people. It was quite fun seeing people commit to their costume despite the heat and queues.

Harry Potter, here I come!

The first thing that we did upon entering USJ was to head to the ticket machine inside the theme park to allow us entry at a certain time. This enables USJ to manage potential congestion in certain sections of the theme park. The eager spirit in me tried to enter 10 minutes earlier and the officers allowed us. At night, people are allowed to enter without these tickets anymore.


There was no moment to waste. Reg and I quickly completed Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey through the Express Lane and Flight of the Hippogriff after queueing for at least an hour. Before heading out to experience the other rides, we ordered a Butterbeer which was just divine!


Just when the day was about to end, I dragged Reg back to Harry Potter land one last time so I could take a photo of everything I wanted to remember and purchase some more goodies. The fan girl in me even found energy to do the trail walk that allowed us to see the production and decoration!

Home Sweet Home

I went home with my heart filled with Harry Potter spirit and a bag full of Harry Potter memorabilia and goodies. Reg and I ended the day with hot ramen before heading home. I wish to share the same joy to my kids one day!

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