Arashiyama – Bamboo Grove & Jojakkoji Temple

Kyoto-Osaka Series Day 3 (October 22, 2015)

After spending some time in Togetsukyo Bridge and Iwatayama Monkey Park, Reg and I had lunch first to gather some energy before another afternoon of long walk. We found some yummy Katsudon near the station which warmed my heart and filled my tummy. I was hungry by then after travelling from Central Kyoto.


We made our way to Bamboo Grove and Jojakkoji Temple. We had so much more planned in our itinerary but I could only go so far that afternoon. If you have more time to spare in Arashiyama, I suggest you check out the other temples and scenic spots as they are just as beautiful according to many reviews online.

Bamboo Grove

There were numerous signs on the road directing the tourists to different spots in the area which made navigation easy. The Bamboo Grove was just 11 minutes away from Arashiyama Station so we walked our way to the location and ensured we ticked it off our bucket list. It was one of the most popular tourist spots so we could not miss it.

Arashiyama to Bamboo Grove

I found the Bamboo Grove one of the most beautiful areas of Arashiyama. It was like stepping in to another dimension of nature as tall stalks amazed me. It was a long stretch of bamboos that allowed massive number of tourists to capture the best view in almost every corner of the grove. The weather was just perfect for a stroll that afternoon.


After spanning the Bamboo Grove, Reg and I decided to explore an off the beaten track. I told myself that I should be checking out spots not usually visited by people because it might just surprise me. Lo and behold, we found this beautiful body of water that took our breath away so we decided to spend some time appreciating the beauty that was upon us.


Jojakkoji Temple

Since Jojakkoji Temple was already near, we decided to visit it to end our Arashiyama adventure. We purchased entrance tickets and spent the rest of the afternoon in the area.

Bamboo Grove to Jojakoji Temple.jpg

There were beautiful paintings, books and postcards being sold in the cabin.


There were many areas to explore in the Jojakoji Temple which surprised me as it didn’t look like a huge area from outside. It made the entrance ticket worth it!batch_SAM_7875

The peaceful atmosphere away from the rest of the tourists made the experience special as we soaked the beauty of the surroundings. It was like a magnificent jewel tucked in Arashiyama.

There was a beautiful view of the city at the top.batch_SAM_7883

On our way home, we passed by the beautiful body of water and found some animals swimming.


Though there were many stations to choose from to get back to the central area of Kyoto, we still chose the original path we came from as it was the most optimal route to our home. We had some snacks and watched more rickshaws pique the interest of more tourists.


Bamboo Grove and Jojakoji Temple are two destinations worth looking in to in Arashiyama. If you mind purchasing tickets, there are many other free temples you may choose from.

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