I got 27-ed, not that it’s a thing. Somehow, when I crossed the age of 27, a sudden level of maturity came upon me. I felt different – a good different, an exciting different, a different worth exploring.

Maybe it is the year when people start getting married so a certain level of responsibility is expected of people at my age. I am suddenly more self aware of how I am supposed to dress and act. I remind myself that I am not 21 anymore. Somehow, the age of 27 just marked a level in my life that is not juvenile anymore. There was no excuse to making silly mistakes out of ignorance to life.

Maybe it is the year when I am supposed to be attaining more in my career. Each day, each month, each year, I expect myself to go beyond, to step up in every occasion. If not me, then who? It is the moment of learning where every great opportunity must be grasped. Somehow, even with the time constraint, things still get completed.

Maybe it is also the year when you realize that your parents are getting older. They get sick, unable to do more things each year, so you maximize time and experience things while time lasts. It is that time in our life where no moment must be wasted because life is too short to lounge around too long.

I feel 27-ed and great. I just hope I age as beautifully as my mother.

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About Mariel Tan

Artist at heart who shares the spice in her life. Visit my blogs: https://marieltan.wordpress.com/ https://joiedevivremariel.wordpress.com/


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