A few days ago, just out of the blue, the short clip from Eat Pray Love popped in my head. It was the scene when they were talking about what word to describe oneself. When it was Elizabet Gilbert’s (Julia Roberts) turn to describe herself, she started mentioning words that described her career, not exactly who she was. They concluded that she may be a woman in search of a word. How timely that scene came about because I realized I was also in that moment in my life. I have been searching about who I am so I could figure out what I want to be or what I want to do in my life.

I came from a two week vacation where I visited my boy friend in Australia early June. It was a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of work. I have been pushing myself to the limit for the past year that I was pretty exhausted. I had moments of life crisis where I questioned and challenged the purpose of what I was doing. Thankfully, the vacation saved me from utter craziness.

I found peace. For quite some time, I could not get out of the bubble I was in. A part of it was because I accumulated a significant magnitude of pressure that I brought upon myself to always strive for excellence. I just needed to step back and give myself some credit for all the hard work for the year. Sometimes, all we need is to appreciate and love ourselves so we can open up and share this to others.

I rekindled love. I didn’t see my boy friend for more than two months and seeing him brought sunshine to my heart. I definitely missed that company who brought joy and love to my life. I am grateful for the vacation that allowed quality time with each other – for life is too short not to spend it loving other people who matter.

I rediscovered passion. For about a year, I paused my artistic activities to focus on my relationships and career. I didn’t spend time reading books, reigniting passion and invigorating my enthusiasm for art. Australia brought back this piece of me that I unconsciously tempered for so long. This opportunity has brought life back to me. I plan to build back that piece of me that was spiritual and creative.

I’m crossing over to a life of love and passion.


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