Fushimi Inari Shrine

Kyoto-Osaka Series Day 4 – Part 1 (Oct 23, 2015)

When I decided that I was going to visit Japan again for a personal event, I knew I was not going to let the opportunity pass without seeing the very famous Fushimi Inari. I always had that image in my head of long orange path of torii gates leading towards the mountain.


Fushimi Inari was supposed to be part of Day 3 itinerary but Reg and I took longer than expected in Arashiyama. We realized that Arashiyama needed at least a day to visit significant parts of the area. We pushed Fushimi Inari to Day 4 before heading to Nara since both were in the south. Though not on the way as Fushimi Inari was on a different train track, we just made it work.


Reg and I rode the train from Kyoto Station and alighted in Inari Station, about 5 minutes away. From there, the shrine proper was 2 minutes, 200 meters away. You won’t miss it as you will see massive groups of tourists heading towards the shrine.

Inari is the God of rice. Torii gates were donated by various merchants and businessmen to bring prosperity to their work. (Source: Wikipedia)


Upon entering the premise, one will notice many auxiliary buildings and shrines that tourists can look in to. Numerous hiking trails that will last hours can also be done if one has time to spare. Parts of the area were getting refurbished to maintain the quality of the place. Proper respect must be paid to keep the sacredness that the shrine brings.



I made a quick wish! I copied the characters of a standard wish I made. Of course, this came with donation.



I wish Reg and I had a tour guide to explain the wealth of history hidden within the shrine so we could understand the depth of the place. Pressed for time, Reg and I left and had breakfast just outside the shrine. Tourists can lounge and rest in this alley lined with stalls selling various things like souvenirs and food like takoyaki.



One must not miss this place when visiting Kyoto!

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