Nara – Isuien Garden

Kyoto-Osaka Series Day 4 โ€“ Part 2 (Oct 23, 2015)

Since Reg and I have seen the north, east, west and central Kyoto, the last part of our itinerary had to cover more parts of the south. We chose to spend the rest of Day 4 exploring the very popular Nara.

Reg and I thought we could head straight to Nara from Inari Station. Unfortunately, we were made to go back to Kyoto Station where we took an express train to Kintetsu Nara Station since we were pressed for time. Unexpected twists and turns required us to cut short transit time to maximize what was left of the day.


Upon alighting the train station, Reg and I used offline GPS to get around the place as well as a hard copy of the map being given away in the station. Our first stop was the Isuien Garden where we had a glimpse of Nara Park across the street. We saw some beautiful structures along the way as well.


Isuien Garden is a beautiful Japanese garden tucked in a peaceful corner of Nara. It boasts of its scenic ponds, bridges and structures that will definitely take your breath away. Not many tourists go to this garden because there is an entrance fee of 900 yen, more expensive compared to other tourist spots in Nara.

Isuien means garden founded on water.


The water was so peaceful that the sky reflected perfectly on the surface of the water. I could spend hours just chilling in the tea house with this view!



Reference:ย Japan Guide

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