Nara – Todaiji Temple

Kyoto-Osaka Series Day 4 – Part 4 (Oct 23, 2015)

The last leg of the Nara adventure was the Todaiji Temple. At first, I did not want to enter anymore because it did not look special from outside. However, upon seeing the massive temple from the ticket booth, I knew I was not leaving Nara without seeing the Todaiji Temple. The structure was so overwhelmingly beautiful and magnificent. It was a sight to remember.


Reg and I entered together with other students on excursion. Look at the kids in uniform! I had to commit to my pose as they waited for my photo to be taken.


Apparently, the main hall of Todaiji Temple is already the largest wooden building today and yet it is only two thirds of the original temple back in 752. Reg and I saw the Daibutsu, the largest bronze statue of Buddha.



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