Art Indulgence

I stumbled upon some old notes when I read Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, Mar 2016 Edition. Let me share those thoughts with you.

Jewellery designer Sabine Getty’s wedding gown was to-die-for. This was one page I definitely lingered. I wondered what crossed her mind to have this creative idea of having a hood on top of a dress with sun. Not that I plan to have it in my wedding but it is amazing to see such wonderful and unique designs in fashion.

Helen Downie is one fortunate person to have had that stint on Instagram. She is now a famous painter that inspired fashion! It is truly inspiring to chase after our dreams, hoping for the right time and opportunity to strike while the metal is hot.

Sophie Cook’s new range of vases was amazing! It struck me as I recently took a pottery class in Tagaytay. How I wish I could learn about these types of art more so I know how to produce them. I wonder if I can find any vase that resembles one of these in the Philippines.

I am amazed at how Betty Woodman will finally hold her first solo art gallery at 85 years old. She is definitely Fired by Passion as the title rightfully depicts in the article. How inspiring! I wonder where I will be when I am 85 year old. Would I have made it count?

It was my first time to read a Harper’s Bazaar magazine. I enjoyed the articles related to various forms of art. It was a refreshing read after all the fashion and business magazines I am usually familiar with.

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