Challenged by Fitbit

I received a new Fitbit Charge HR during the annual assembly of my company two weeks ago. I knew it was going to be a challenge to clock in steps because I am not fond of walking or jogging. I jog once in a while if I feel like I am gaining weight from my snack indulgence but I prefer to exercise on a mat.

Without making an effort, I would only clock in about 2,000 to 3,000 steps. If my colleagues and I happen to eat out for lunch or dinner, steps usually reach to 4,000. On a good note, I was happy to know I was sleeping well!

Two weeks ago, since I received that Fitbit, I have been trying to ponder how I would make it work. I learned that vigorously swinging my arms would count accurate steps. I also learned that swinging my arms during my stationary bike session would make it count like running or walking. I guess I can make it work that way since I am still exercising anyway!

Today, I was challenged to burn 150 calories, bike 10 km and clock in 7,000 steps for 47 minutes. This is pretty rare for sedentary weekends where I prefer to sit around, read, blog or watch shows. I may not reach whopping 50,000 steps like my colleagues but I am happy to know I am less lethargic today. Now I have a reason to drink my Gatorade. I guess there was use for the Fitbit after all!

I am making it count.

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