Eat with Class

Growing up, having class and practicing good manners were constantly instilled in me in school and at home where my sister would buy books about etiquette once in a while. I was surrounded by families with good breeding in and out of the school premises. I was spoken to like a lady by all my teachers. It was definitely nothing new to embody elegance and grace in my daily activities whether it be eating or greeting someone along the corridor.

When I chanced upon this book, “A Butler’s Guide to Table Manners,” I knew I needed to have a copy for myself. I have been wondering about proper manners in work and social context for a while now and I could not find anyone I could set as a role model who consciously practiced it. I would search about table manners online but nothing was compiled that interested me.

I finished reading the book in a jiffy on my way home from Sydney. I want to share a couple of new things that I will definitely take with me:

  • British culture does not require transferring of forks from one hand to another after slicing meat while American culture does.
  • Do not wipe your mouth with a napkin vigorously. Napkins must only be dabbed to remove any dirt from eating.
  • You may pick out fish bones from your mouth directly using your hand.

I will not spoil the rest of the book. Get yourself a copy and try the tips in social gatherings!

Reference: A Butler’s Guide to Table Manners by Nicholas Clayton

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