Asakusa Temple

Tokyo Series Day 7 – Part 3 (Oct 26, 2015)

The 3rd part of our itinerary was the Asakusa Temple. I made sure that Reg saw this very popular tourist spot with colorful temples and pagoda. We entered through the Kaminarimon or Thunder Gate and passed through the shopping street teeming with tourists in the afternoon.


The temples looked majestic during sunset.batch_sam_8341

In this part of the temple, people were jumping to touch the rope to earn good luck. I had an embarrassing moment where my jump was not high enough to let me touch even a strand of frail rope. I guess I had enough luck gathered from Meiji Shrine as I did not gather any from here.


I found Reg doing a thumbs up here. (just kidding)


By this time, Reg and I were starting to get hungry from our last meal in Tsukiji. As we walked around, we saw a long line of folks buying some warm pastry.batch_sam_8373batch_sam_8374

Reg and I got one hot bun that resembled the pastry found in Kopi Roti here in the Philippines. It was such a warm delight in a chill afternoon in Tokyo. We stayed for a while before heading to the next part of our itinerary.


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  1. Ah Asakusa. We had wonderful times there also. There is this tempura around the corner. Its always busy but the servings are generous and very delicious!

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