Meiji Shrine

Tokyo Series Day 7 – Part 1 (Oct 26, 2015)

The 7th day of our Tokyo leg was Reg’s last full day in Japan. We tried to incorporate locations that we both liked until we realized that many tourist spots were generally closed on Mondays (even until Wednesdays for some). Fortunately or unfortunately, we did not see that much castles that day.

The first part of our itinerary was to visit the Meiji Shrine which was also the first time I was going to see the famous tourist spot. Meiji Shrine, located in Shibuya, Tokyo, is the Shinto shrine that is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken (Wikipedia).


It will take more than an hour to see the whole place. You can choose to see only certain spots of the forest so you can explore other parts of Tokyo. About 10 minutes away from the entrance we came from was the main complex of shrine buildings. You should be able to see the map of the place in any of the entry points.batch_sam_8304

Note that the use of tripods is prohibited in some shrines or buildings.


Some of my friends who have visited Meiji Shrine saw wedding ceremonies held in the shrine complex. I was in the lookout for one but I did not encounter any event when we visited. What we saw were offerings made by businessmen to wish for prosperity. These were kept in the buildings, visible to tourists from outside.batch_sam_8256batch_sam_8261

I was amazed by the plant life found in Meiji Shrine. I read online that there were 100,000 trees in the Meiji Jingu Forest. You will find mini gardens along the way, some were free while some had entrance fee. We checked out a garden that had a fee and it did not disappoint. We had time to spare so we decided to make the most out of the forest. I saw these massive flowers that lined one of the gardens. They were so beautiful but I was not able to catch its name. It reminded me of the flowers I tried to paint in my watercolor class.batch_sam_8273batch_sam_8283

I washed my hands for good luck just like everyone. A year has passed and I think I have been truly blessed indeed.batch_sam_8302

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  1. Very nice! Indeed Meiji shrine honors the emperor who re-opened Japan to the outside world!

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