Reconnect in Japan

Tokyo Series Day 6 (Oct 25, 2015)

The 6th day of our Tokyo leg was mainly to reconnect and build new relationships in Japan. First plan of the day was to meet up with my dear friend, Saki, who is like a sister to me. She was my very kind host sister when I had a quick exchange trip in Sapporo when I was in high school. I am lucky that I am still able to connect with her and okasan occasionally through Facebook.

We had a hearty meal of bread, jam and hot soup. We then took a quick photo outside where it was quite cold. I remember regretting not wearing any stockings or leggings of some sort. I was hoping deep inside that it would get warm at some point but it obviously did not. The person who took the photo below asked us to hold the pumpkin. We could not say no because we were asking him a favor to take our photo. How timely for halloween!


Reg and I headed home and prepared for the next events. The afternoon and evening was the main reason why we were all in Japan. It was Reg’s brother’s wonderful wedding. I cannot be more grateful for the invite that was extended to me as part of their family. Here are a couple of photos from that day. Thank you, Bryant & Maiko!

The intimate ceremony was held in Sensei University. It was a very beautiful venue for the photo session with a couple of comic events from the photographer himself who happens to be Maiko’s uncle.batch_sam_8224

The reception was help in The Magnus Tokyo, a very beautiful function room that only housed the most intimate friends and family of the groom and bride.batch_20151025_170252

Congratulations, Bryant & Maiko!batch_20151025_170617

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