Stuffed in Tsukiji Fish Market

Tokyo Series Day 7 – Part 2 (Oct 26, 2015)

The 2nd part of our itinerary was to visit Tsukiji Fish Market. By this time, we already missed out on the morning’s hustle and bustle but I was sure there were still food stalls that were still worth visiting.


Last time I visited Tsukiji was when I was with my brother and mom last 2013. We woke up early to line up to one of the most popular sushi places in the market, Sushi Dai. The 2-hour wait was worth it. I would have wanted Reg to experience it but our itinerary would not have been logistically efficient if we prioritized it. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the other food we tried as it was my first time to trying some of the food.


After devouring a bowl of fresh seafood, Reg and I stumbled upon an oyster place. There was no way we were going home without trying it. We just had a piece each because it was quite pricey for the quantity.


The fresh seafood was torched before being served. It was mouthwatering just watching the guy torch our next snack. I could have taken another serving but Reg and I decided to try out other food in the market as we walked along.batch_sam_8321batch_sam_8328

I thought I was still very hungry after having the bowl of fresh seafood and snack on top so we decided to buy more sushi. That was when I realized that all I needed was water and that I was already full. Since we purchased the sushi already, Reg and I stuffed the sushi that lasted us until afternoon before we had our next meal.


I still had a happy tummy as we walked around after.

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  1. Mel’s been to the market for dinner but not in the day. Suan had not been because everytime we come to Tokyo, there are other priorities…like shopping for skincare…

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