Tokyo Ramen Show Oct 2015

Tokyo Series Day 7 – Part 4 (Oct 26, 2015)

The 4th part of our itinerary was one that Reg found online, The Tokyo Ramen Show. I was enthralled when he saw this event – what better way to experience ramen but in Tokyo! It was quite a challenge traversing the different train lines as the location of the ramen show was in the outskirts of Tokyo where we had to alight in Komazawadaigaku Station. We then relied on our offline Google Maps to get to Komazawa Olympic Park because we could not get a hold of a pocket wifi from our Airbnb. We knew we were walking to the right venue because there were a lot of people going to the same direction though the path was dark. I cannot say it was sketchy because a sketchy road in Japan is nothing compared to the ones in the Philippines.batch_20151026_172627

When we got to the venue, we purchased tickets that allowed us to order one bowl of ramen. Having another bowl required another ticket from the reception. It was a challenge choosing the ramen because the language was in Japanese. There were only a few words that I could understand from the posters and good thing it was exactly what I wanted – spicy miso-based soup.batch_20151026_173048batch_20151026_181133

I also relied on the queue, following the principle that if the line was long, it must be good and popular. The ramen I chose did not disappoint. I was not able to get a good shot in the dark but I do recall the warm feeling the spicy miso ramen brought upon my body. It was getting quite cold at that time and my body could sure use some warmth. On the other hand, Reg had to get another yummy bowl.batch_20151026_183150batch_20151026_183407batch_20151026_183700

We headed back to the city to have our official dinner with Reg’s family for the last time before everyone flew back to the Philippines. Bryant and Maiko joined us as well.


By this time, I was starting to get really sad because I knew the end of Reg’s trip was coming where I would have to say farewell. I thought it was not going to be difficult because I was traveling myself for one extra day but it was tough just like my other farewells.

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