Yarns & Cookies

After indulging on sweet drinks during stressful days and major carbs from my Bangkok trip, I gained significant weight that did not make me feel so great about myself. On top of that, I was not able to manage my energy well over the past weeks where I caught flu. I rested and recovered at home, taking sick leaves along the way. After recuperating from those depressing days, I am alive and kicking again!

By managing my meals and ensuring I exercised at least twice a week, my weight is now within tolerance, my energy is back and I feel great! I was able to jog a couple of times, cycle and work out my full body through some fitness apps for indoor activities. It feels great to have some of my muscles ache after such a long time of slumber.

During the days when I took sick leave, I slept for hours and let myself think of other things that interested me. That was when I started my crocheting endeavor. Last Friday, I visited this yarn shop in Gloriette 5 (Dreams Yarnshoppe) and bought myself a couple of skeins to keep me inspired until I visit Divisoria this coming Saturday. I am expecting more loot this coming Saturday. I sure hope they have my 22 hooks there; else, I have to resort to purchasing from Lazada which will take a month before I get my hands on my new hooks!

Here’s my first Red Heart yarn. I can’t wait to create a cowl out of this skein of yarn. Unfortunately, I could not get more skeins of this color because this line is about to discontinue in Dreams Yarnshoppe. Here is to hoping for more stock in Divisoria.


I can’t wait to create coasters or doilies out of this yarn. I love the sparkle!batch_sam_2141

The weekend is not yet over! I was able to whip up 48 cookies for the first time on my own! I baked this at my friend’s house one time when she was teaching us some tricks and tips on baking. I felt the need to create something new this weekend so I tried it myself. I learned the importance of making sure that the salt I use is fine and that there is such a thing as putting too much chocolate.


These new activities are giving me great gift ideas for Christmas! I feel so happy trying them out!

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