Origami Kaikan

Tokyo Series Day 8 – Part 1 (Oct 27, 2015)

I was quite excited to plan for the last day of my trip last year because I had the liberty to choose places I do not usually go to when more folks are with me. Since I had been to Japan a number of times already, I decided to make it a solo art day. There were too many places to visit but I only had time to visit four places that logistically made sense.

The day started with me dropping off Reg in Shinjuku station where he headed to Narita Airport by himself. I needed to practice the path going to Shinjuku as I was going to be alone to lug my bag the next day. We traversed flat road, stairs, escalators, malls and more stairs. I had a full day ahead of me so I could not go with him all the way. As I was about to start my solo trip, I unfortunately lost my printed travel itinerary that detailed the most efficient path of the day. Fortunately, I had a copy of the itinerary in Google Drive which I downloaded upon connecting to the internet in the nearest station.

The first place I visited was Origami Kaikan where I alighted in Ochanomizu Station. I walked about 500m more until I reached the store. Since I arrived 30 minutes before store opening, I decided to walk around and grab something to eat in a convenience store nearby. Right when 9:30AM struck, I was at the store door, looking through various origami pieces.

Origami Kaikan had numerous floors catering to different needs. I recall the first floor having a front door desk to serve the needs of the visitors. There were master pieces in glass shelves with price tags which people could purchase.


Another floor I visited was a shop selling raw materials for origami projects. This was where I took long as I looked at almost each book and material I could understand, hoping for some miracle that I could bring some home to the Philippines. Unfortunately, I only had room for one book as my bag was too heavy to carry already.


It was such a beautiful place that brings origami to life. I wish people can visit it to keep the enthusiasm and art alive!

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  1. Needs quite some patience too if one is to make a complicated piece!

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  2. Wonderful craftsmanship!

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  3. Origami materials – now those would be a nice addition to the items that art stores here in the Philippines are carrying 😀

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