Grateful at 28

I am happily living my life with much exuberance and I am glad I can say that after 28 beautiful years. I am happy and healthy – that is it!

I am most grateful for my parents who have been there every step of the way, guiding me through my grade school, high school, university, and now, career. I wish to take as much wisdom from them when I have children of my own one day. I am also grateful for my siblings for supporting my endeavors, cheering me on and celebrating wondrous milestones with me.

I am grateful for my relationship with Reg who has been my rock, inspiring me to always be a good and great person. The past 5 years and 10 months have been truly wonderful and I would not have it any other way even if we have been on a long distance relationship for 1.5 years. I cannot wait to see you in 8 days!

I am grateful for my career progression which came timely with my birthday month. It has been a tough 3.7 years but I am grateful for the learning and good company my work brings me every single day. I am looking forward to bigger and better changes this year. If things do not turn out as planned, there is always Plan B!

Though it took a couple of bed rests from sicknesses to make me realize that life is short, I am happy to say that I have finally committed to a new venture. I recently launched my online business that offers made-to-order handmade crafts made by me. Check out my Instagram account for the designs – @joiedevivre.mariel (#joiedevivremariel). I have been learning designs since January which are mostly crochet products. What started out as a hobby is now a mini business that was triggered by a deep curiosity to try the digital world. It is not easy juggling it with my current work but it does not feel like work at all because I enjoy it so much.

Let me leave it at that for now. I cannot wait to try my Dead Sea mud andΒ my “Happy Birthday Tea” tomorrow!

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  1. Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing!

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