Labor Day Love


Phang Nga Bay, Thailand (Apr 2017)

Love yourself. You cannot love if you have no love to give.

That was a simple take away that I will never forget from my Theology class back in High School. I always find myself grateful for the extra Catholic Philosophy and Theology classes I got from a PAREF school because it continues to keep me grounded when I lose my way in life.

It is Labor Day here in the Philippines and I find myself relaxing at home, finally at peace with myself. I pressure myself a lot of times but I realized that there should be a point where you just let go and do your best; the right things will fall in to place. There is vigilance within me to always be prepared when opportunities appear but I will not stress myself. I will accept that I am good and no one has the right to bring me down. While settling is not an option, I want to make myself ready, if and when my original plan does not go my way.

I am not getting any younger. Soon, I will have to make tough choices in my life that I must commit to. I pray to God that I will always have the courage to commit and not regret whatever decision that may be. I pray that it does not become a decision of “settling” as it may haunt me in the future.

It is Labor day and I deserve this break.

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