Reviving Fitness

Since I got back from my trip to Thailand to see Chiang Mai and Krabi, I got inspired to exercise and stay fit again. As I saw more things around me, I had this motivation to stay healthy so I can travel to more places and try out more physical things. I had this moment when Reg and I were in Railay, watching the people rock climb. It looked so exciting. It was only when we got back to Bangkok when I found out that Reg wanted to try it but we decided to leave.

Going to the beach and seeing rock hard abs from people much older than me reminded me that there is no excuse to my current state. I am where I am because I have chosen it.

I don’t intend to sign up for gym use any time soon as it is pretty costly. For the past two weeks, I have managed to exercise 2-3 times a week, one hour per session, doing workout using videos on YouTube. Sometimes, I would cycle for 15-30 minutes first before doing cardio and strengthening. I would wrap it up with a yoga video for a post-workout cool down. It takes a lot of initiative and discipline to commit to doing things on your own as there is no one else to push you to your limit but yourself. There are many available videos online but I am starting to feel a bit bored.

I thought of signing up for a 1-on-1 session with a tennis coach. Mind you, I have no prior experience to such a sport but I thought it might be a good experience to try something new. I found a good deal near my house. I should follow up the club to contact me as per their promise.

I got myself ear plugs for swimming yesterday. I cannot wait to use it when I am in Thailand to visit Reg as there is a long pool in his condominium. There is a gym there too so I can use the treadmill. I hope they have some TV though; else, I will resort to watching on my phone.

I feel much stronger. I can stay on my planks and do deeper push ups. I finally understand what it means to do crunches with less neck strain. I am far from where I want to be but it is a start. I need to push myself harder – no excuses even with the intense heat. Sometimes, I find myself sweating just because of the humidity. It makes me wonder if I am pushing myself hard or it is just hot. Either way, I get dizzy with the heat.

Here’s to more exciting fitness activities!

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