I think it’s clear that I enjoy various types of artistic expression from painting, writing, decorating, dance and photography. Tell me to try some new art activity and I’m there. There is so much beauty in the world and I love to share and express them through these forms of art.

Click the links below to view my favorite posts.

  1. Painting – In the past years, I had the luxury of time to learn and express myself through painting. I’d like to share my personal experiences and favorite works to inspire creation to others.
  2. Letters & Writing – I find writing letters another venue to express my opinion. Sometimes, saying and showing gratitude is not enough for me. I’d like to remember these moments through writing. I’m not a professional writer but I share tips and tricks to blogging whenever I can.
  3. Crafts & Events – I enjoy creating decorations and setting up events. Here’s my way of showing and sharing some ways to amp up one’s event.
  4. Others – I enjoy other types of artistic expression like dance and photography. I’m gathering the rest of these here.


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