Information is but a click away. I’d like to contribute to the growing number of people sharing their views to enable people to make better choices.

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  1. Beauty – My beauty peg is my mother who has aged so beautifully. I used to have second thoughts about her beauty advise as it didn’t really matter when I was younger. Now that I’m feeling the age in my body, I have realized how important it is to start taking care of it while we’re young. I’m definitely investing time and money to keep myself youthful.
  2. Books & Sites – I enjoy reading books about why the world works, reading blogs where people share their thoughts about the world, surfing the internet for what’s new and innovative. Here’s to sharing what interests me.
  3. Food – I love food! I tend to order the same dish in my favorite restaurants especially when I know that that particular dish is good. However, I want to explore and hopefully this will remind me to try new things. So I’d like to share my memorable food experiences with you.
  4. Shows – I’m a huge fan of great performing arts whether it’s a musical or a play. I prefer shows with variety of music and dance but plays are still interesting because the script can be very rich. Thought-provoking experiences are what delight me the most.